NB, 1.2.3 is out, serious bugfixes, suggest you switch ASAP. See the ChangeLog for details.


At last, 1.2.2 is released, download it here. The menues now has smooth scrolling, there's still more improvements wrt. screens and focus. See the ChangeLog for details. I had planned to also do a major update of the site, but it's getting late so that will have to wait, I've got a lot of stuff from my users that deserves to be put up here, that will come later.


So, 1.2.1 some small fixes and improvements..


So, 1.2 is finally out, I've been busy lately so i have not had time to finalize it until now. There's a couple of bugs related to Java popups that has been fixed.


There's a number of new users who have popped up recently, with useful feedback. There is a mailing list available, at:


1.1 is out, this is the Vista tribute version, hence it's been a little slow in the making. There's smooth scrolling and ridiculously unnecessary animations. The 3d stuff had to be postponed - but, there you go.


The tab view pop-up now has a more traditional (smooth) scrolled list of windows in addition to the desktop map. The list is sorted in the order the windows will be traversed by Tab and the window that's about to be selected is highlighted here too.

We now try to revert to the last screen and cursor position a window had when switching to a window, I've seen some glitches relating to that but haven't quite been able to iron them out, so please keep your eyes open and report any hunches or reproducible bugs to us.

Still more features are now part of the standard set and can not be configured away during the build phase, most notably non-solid drag and application support. Application support should be extended a bit too, but that's for a later version. You will probably notice that is quite a bit larger because of this.
Darth Olr
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