A couple of (outdated) screen shots:

Here at left is the tab view that pops up full-screen when Windows®-Tab is pressed. For some reason we're about to select the xeyes window in this example. The yellow frame indicates where in the virtual desktop the current view is. Note that these screen shots are made on different computers with different screen resolutions.

The SithMenu®, at right, pops up when Windows®-Return is pressed. Notice how it uses only one window. The yellow field in the menu indicate focus, the black frames selection, so I would have to push Right and Up/Down a couple of times to select an application. This is running on Debian so the menu is updated auto-magically as we install or remove software.

At left we have the pop-up caption, this pops up when certain window attributes changes. On the gkrellm we can clearly see how SithWM can keep this caption up without requiring much in terms of CPU-frequency, but it really keeps things hot..:-) OK, really - there's no fan on this computer, so that accounts for the temperature.

The screen shots do not use the standard color scheme, but this is the way we run it. The default is for obvious reasons much darker.

Some screen shots from sithwm user #2, Richard:

This is actually a meta screens hot (right), notice the sithwm site with the screen shots there, and we begin to grasp the spartan sith'ishness of Richard's setup. One can but wonder as to why his browser runs in black on white.
Here is Richard's tab view (left), notice how he boldly uses the same color for highlight and borders, most sithwm users uses different colors here. Also the reds are pure, no green or blue components, saturations is for sissies! Even that cutesy smiling lion looks sinister in this setup.

Darth Olr
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