Where are the users?

Locations of visitors to this page Geographical distribution of SithWM users (OK-OK - actually, visitors to this site). There is probably some false hits in the Kongsberg area (top center) due to my testing.
As far as real SithWM user are concerned, there are a few known to exist; me, obviously, sithwm user #0, I use it both at home and at work, both Linux.

Then there's sithwm user #1, Geir, who generously contributes the hosting of this site. He used to be a colleague and would use SithWM at work only. At home he uses Mac's and no X. He has switched employer and is now working for The Man, we currently have no idea as to whether he is still a user.

There's official sithwm user #2, Richard, a young German student. He's using sithwm on a Pentium 4 running the Arch Linux Distribution (www.archlinux.org). He's using a wicked color scheme with red frames and text on a black background, we sense that the Force is strong in him.

And then there's Felix, a CS student from Germany, he's running SithWM on an AMD Athlon XP 2200+ w/ 256 MB RAM, nVidia Geforce 2 MX & ati Rage 128 for Dual Screen utilising a gentoo Kernel v.2.6.19 - Geeky!. He refers to himself as "MemMaker (Bachelor of Sith)", We've had some discussions on this issue and we decided, by dictate, from #0, that this title is appropriate.

With the advent of sithwm user #4 it has been decided that we will stop providing bios of every user on this page. There's now about ten users that we know about.

We've made an exceptions to this rule for sithwm user #7, since his bio is so remarkable:
Viola Zoltán grew up in the small Croatian hamlet of Zrkstrynk, which is well known for it's picturesque setting and who's inhabitants is known for their excellent falconry, virtuoso viola playing and enthusiasm for consonants. Indeed, as a child Zoltán would immerse himself, and excel, in these activities, earning him the moniker "Viola". However, in his later formative years he discovered his true calling in the little known art of operant conditioning of lemmings. Feeling academically constrained in the rural setting he ran away with a group of gypsies specializing in this art. He ended up in Hungary at the Rodential institute of the University of Miskolc where he's now applying his remarkable talent performing groundbreaking and award eligible research on the potential of neural networks in self-organizing structures of subniveal rodents. A task where, clearly, SithWM running on GoboLinux and ArchLinux provides just the right level of window management. His work here is very promising, and while we sense that some of our readers now thinks this a joke - rest assured, you will not be laughing when the lemmings come to get you.

We'd really like to hear from anybody actually using SithWM, and if you're not using it - feel free to tell us why if you think that there's something that should be changed. Note however - if you just find SithWM weird, it's intended to be, and that's not likely to change.
Darth Olr
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